Your Summer Essentials Guide

Embrace the 2024 Boating Season with Nordkapp

Whether you seek adrenaline-fueled adventures or prefer tranquil days on the open sea, this guide is structured to help you discover gadgets that align perfectly with your lifestyle. Dive into Nordkapp's handpicked selection for the upcoming boating season and elevate your maritime experiences.

Gadgets For The Adventurer

Do you thrive on the thrill of exploration and unique experiences with friends? With the adventurous spirit in mind, here are Nordkapp’s essential gadgets for the summer season.

Portable Hammock

Heading beyond the horizon in your Nordkapp and spending the night on a remote island brings a sense of freedom that is hard to find. And that is what we did for our Scandinavian midsummer celebrations last year. A portable hammock enables spontaneous adventures, no matter where you set the course. It's lightweight and easy to pack and set up, making it an essential item for adventurers looking to add a touch of relaxation to their explorations.

Outdoor Projector

Turn your boat into a floating cinema or make your island visit unforgettable. Imagine the joy of watching your favourite films under the stars, the screen set against the backdrop of the sea, creating cherished summer memories with loved ones. This gadget is always a home run. A portable outdoor projector takes up little space, and you can go a long way by using a regular white sheet as a screen, allowing you to set up your outdoor cinema anywhere you like.

Portable Grill

For the adventurer who appreciates a good meal with a view.  A portable grill combines freedom with luxury, and after a day full of activities, what could be better than cooking a meal with friends and family as the sun sets? A portable grill can be affordable and easy to stow. Just anchor by a local island and enjoy your evening with delicious food anywhere you want.

The Lotus grill is our go-to for island cookouts with friends.

Helene Olafsen enjoying family time in her DAAE towel poncho.

Gadgets For The Leisure Seeker

Are you someone who embraces the calm and serenity of being at sea? If so, we have prepared a list of items to enrich your leisure days aboard your Nordkapp boat.

Portable Espresso Maker

Luxury is in the small things in life, like enjoying a freshly brewed espresso aboard your Nordkapp. A portable espresso maker is lightweight and compact enough to be brought anywhere, and it is the perfect gadget when you need a pick-me-up at sea.

Star Gazing App

We usually spend less time on our phones at sea. But you'd be surprised how much a star-gazing app can add to your evening escapades. Imagine lying on the deck under the night sky, far from the light pollution of the mainland, using the app to identify constellations, planets, and stars. It can bring an extra sense of wonder to your journeys and is an easy way of impressing friends and family. The App Store and Google Play Store have some excellent free apps you can download.

Sun Seeker App

Another great app to enhance your days at sea is the Sun Seeker app. This app allows you to see exactly where the sun will be throughout the day, making it easy to anchor in the ideal places to sunbathe and capture the sunset. You can purchase the app from both Google Play and the App Store.

Towel poncho

Our brand ambassador Helene Olafsen introduced us to towel ponchos years ago, and they have now become a must-have for many members of the Nordkapp team. They are the perfect replacement for towels when boating. You can discretely change into your swim gear underneath the poncho, and when you want to dry off after a refreshing dip in the sea, slip on the poncho and enjoy a snug moment aboard your vessel.

Here’s to an unforgettable summer at sea

As you prepare for the 2024 boating season, remember that the right gadgets can transform your experience on the water. They bring convenience, pleasure, and a touch of luxury to your maritime adventures, whether you're soaring towards the horizon or anchored in a quiet bay. We hope you found a new gadget to enrich your days at sea. Here's to a season filled with memorable adventures and peaceful retreats on the water.

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