The Scandinavian Midsummer

Over the years, I have gained a deeper appreciation for my homeland, where dark winters test our endurance and bright summers replenish our souls. The balance in nature is always present in the Nordic countries. As darkness turns to light, we prepare for the Midsummer celebration.

Excitement hung in the air. With packed picnic baskets and camera equipment, we embarked on our journey to celebrate Midsummer in the Swedish archipelago. The Enduro 605 was ready in the marina, tempting us to begin this adventure. We set off from Skjebergkilen and made a quick detour to the coastal town of Skjærhalden for a traditional Scandinavian "fika." Refreshed by coffee and pastries, and accompanied by the songs of seagulls, we set our course for the island of Tjurholmen.

The calm sea made the journey easy as the Enduro 605 smoothly glided across the surface towards our destination. As the sun began its slow descent, Tjurholmen's cliffs emerged on the horizon. The warmth from the sun and the gentle sound of our hammocks swaying in the wind created a peaceful atmosphere as we waited for the sunset.

After a while, we heard sounds a bit further up the beach. As we approached, the strange sounds turned into laughter and joyful singing. To our delight, we discovered that the island had its own Midsummer celebration in full swing. Dressed in traditional attire and adorned with flowers in their hair, people danced around the Midsummer pole (or Midsommarstång, as it's called in Sweden) while celebrating the summer solstice with joy and energy. We sat on the beach, enjoying our drinks, and embraced the unique theater that unfolded before us on this warm summer night. When the dancing began and the lively song "Helan går" echoed over the sea, we decided to head back to the camp - just in time for the sunset.

Finally, we retreated to our hammocks, and we were lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of waves and rustling leaves. Early in the morning, I woke up to the sight of a sunrise that looked like a beautiful painting of the archipelago. I captured the moment on my phone, knowing it was a memory I would cherish for a long time.

The morning began with a refreshing swim to awaken our senses, followed by breakfast and coffee made over an open fire. Our night on Tjurholmen gave us a glimpse of the timeless customs associated with Swedish Midsummer, and it afforded us the opportunity to soak in the beauty of the midnight sun's light. We were left with a heartfelt joy from the experience we had been a part of.

With the water gently lapping against the sides of the boat, we set course back to the marina. We couldn't help but feel grateful for the journey we had just undertaken. Our Midsummer boat trip had been a tribute to the beauty of Scandinavian traditions and all the special moments our archipelago has to offer. It left us longing for more, with memories deeply embedded within us and a promise to return to the water again, forever captivated by the wonders of the sea.

It left us yearning for more, with memories that would accompany us for a long time to come and a strong desire to return and experience it all over again.


"Sleeping outdoors in hammocks connects you to nature and provides you with the unique experience of the bright Scandinavian nights."