The Mercury Verado V12

Breaking down the worlds largest outboard

In 2022, we introduced the Nordkapp Coupe 905 V12 as one of the first boats using the biggest outboard motor on the market: The 600 HP Mercury Verado V12. And since then, we have put the engine to the test. Including an unforgettable trip to the Arctic, which was thought to push the 600 HP engine to its limit. In this article, we'll give you an overview of the engine and share our thoughts from many hours of relentless testing.

Watch Mercury's Breakdown of The Verado V12

An overview of the Verado V12 engine


V12 Power and Performance 

  • First V12 powerhead in the outboard segment
  • Steerable gearcase and simple, streamlined rigging
  • Can mount on 27-inch centres

Automatic Two-Speed Transmission 

  • Transfers 600hp to the gearcase
  • Maximum torque and acceleration in first gear
  • Silent shift to second gear for efficient cruising and top-speed

Independent, Steerable Gearcase 

  • Allows the gearcase and propeller to rotate without moving the engine above water
  • Electro-hydraulic controls for instant reaction
  • Precise manoeuvrability around docks
  • Smooth handling in open water

Contra-Rotating Propellers 

  • New series of dual props for 600hp
  • Exceptional handling and fuel economy at midrange speeds

Noise-reducing technology 

  • Advanced MidSection (AMS) mounting system isolates noise and vibration
  • Dampens induction sounds
  • Nearly eliminates injection noise

Startup of the Mercury V12

A promise of more than power


The Verado V12 boasts an impressive 7.6-litre displacement and a V12 powerhead. However, the team at Mercury set out to provide more than raw power; the Verado V12 is about refined performance designed to deliver a quiet ride with good fuel economy. Resulting in a boating experience that's both exhilarating and smooth, making heavy vessels plane quickly and impressing at every speed​​​​.

This engine is explicitly calibrated to perform at its best using 87-octane fuel, which is a more accessible and cost-effective option compared to higher-octane fuels. Here's how its features contribute to this remarkable efficiency:

Dual Propellers: The V12 Verado utilizes a dual propeller system. It has two propellers per engine that rotate in opposite directions. This design helps in several ways. Firstly, it reduces the water flow disturbance, which can cause a loss of efficiency. Secondly, by having contra-rotating propellers, the engine can produce more thrust, pushing the boat forward more efficiently. This results in better acceleration and overall performance with less fuel consumption.

Hydrodynamic Design: The V12 Verado's gearcase and overall engine design are optimized for minimal drag through water. Hydrodynamic efficiency reduces resistance as the boat moves, allowing the engine to work less hard to maintain speed. This efficiency directly contributes to lower fuel consumption, as less power is wasted overcoming water resistance.

Advanced Range Optimisation (ARO): ARO technology is a sophisticated system that adjusts fuel delivery and engine parameters in real-time to ensure the engine operates at peak efficiency across a wide range of conditions. Whether cruising at low speeds or pushing the boat to its limits, the engine constantly fine-tunes its operations to consume the least fuel possible for the given activity. ARO ensures that every drop of fuel is used effectively, extending the cruising range and reducing the need for frequent refuelling.

"In one boat test, dual V12 Verado outboards delivered 20% better fuel economy at cruise than triple competitive 425hp outboards."

The comparison highlights fuel savings and the potential for reduced environmental impact and operational costs, making the V12 Verado outboards an appealing choice for boaters looking for power, performance, and efficiency.

Nordkapp's experience with the Verado V12


Sportiness and performance are vital areas of focus in all Nordkapp vessels. To achieve this, we meticulously focus on hull design and weight distribution aspects, and having the right engine attached to the stern is paramount to ensure top performance. As you can expect, we push our vessels to the limit in testing and beyond. Few boats have been pushed harder than the wheelhouse Nordkapp Coupe 905 V12, equipped with the Verado V12 engine. Our experience has provided us with a good understanding of how the engine performs over time. Here are our key takeaways:

Power: As you can expect from a V12 engine, it packs a punch. What surprised us was how well it performed in all speed ranges. The acceleration has a nice kick, and planing is effortless. Even though the engine has astounding power, it performs excellently cruising at mid-range speeds. And, of course, the top speed is impressive and quick to reach. The Coupe 905 V12 is a 9-meter wheelhouse boat that weighs around 2,5 tons without the engine attached. While in the Arctic, we loaded the vessel with nine people, camera gear, and ski equipment, and the Verado V12 still made it easy to launch us past 50+ knots across the Barents Sea.

Reliability: Nordkapp is renowned for its durability and quality. We expect nothing less from our engine supplier, and Mercury has set the bar as the golden standard for outboard motors. While challenging the Verado V12 for the past few years, we have not experienced as much as a hiccup from the engine. Reliability was critical when we set off for our Arctic exploration. Even in the harsh Barents Sea and in -25 degree Celsius weather, the Verado V12 confidently purred to life every time. During cold nights at the dock, we could easily tilt up the engine so it rested above water in case the fjord would freeze. And when we set off from the harbour for our daily adventures, we felt safe knowing that the engine would take us home from our expeditions.

Fuel efficiency: Value for money is always Nordkapp's focus. When choosing the Verado V12 for the Coupe 905 V12, we had to consider how long you get on a full gas tank and how much it would cost on a mixed drive. The Coupe 905 V12's fuel consumption is 82 litres per hour at 36 knots, which is less taxing on the wallet than many lower HP engines we have tried. For a 600 HP monster, it has a surprisingly low appetite for fuel.

Comfort: The Nordkapp team has spent many hours exploring the Scandinavian archipelagos using the Verado V12 engine. When it comes to comfort, the little things impress us. First, the engine has good noise isolation, making it a silent operator. This allows undisturbed conversations to flow aboard the boat, even at higher speeds. We spent many hours manoeuvring around the harbour and other challenging places while testing the engine. And we are pleased to say that the boat feels highly responsive, thanks to the dual propeller system. The boat responds instantly to your liking and effortlessly lets you find the right placement when heading into your berth, and manoeuvers like backing up feel intuitive.

We also like the independently steerable gearcase, which lets you turn the boat without the top part of the engine moving around. This allowed us to craft more prominent swimming platforms for the Coupe 905 V12, resulting in a more luxurious bathing experience. What's most important to us is that the Verado V12 offers a buttery smooth ride at all speeds.

Integrating the Mercury Verado V12 into the Nordkapp Coupe 905 V12 is a statement of pushing the boundaries of boating luxury and performance. It's about providing an unmatched boating experience where power, innovation, and design combine to create something truly exceptional. This engine is not just the heart of the Coupe 905 V12; it's a glimpse into the future of boating, where power, comfort and efficiency align.

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