Nordkapp from a logistics POV

Meet Karoline Westlie

Logistics, at its core, is what enables dreams to become a reality. In today's behind-the-scenes peek, you'll get to know Karoline Westlie, Nordkapp's driven logistics manager, who has many tricks up her sleeve. Watch the video to learn more about what happens at the Nordkapp HQ, how the brand has evolved over the last five years and Karoline's connection to the boating lifestyle.


Karoline's love for boating started at an early age. Growing up, she spent countless hours with her family exploring the Norwegian archipelago and being around boats became second nature. Since joining the Nordkapp team five years ago, she has become a prominent force that helps push the company forward. In her role as a logistics manager, Karoline ensures that every order reaches the factory in Poland and that the boat's first voyage from the factory floor to the dealership runs swiftly.


Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at Nordkapp? In today's video, you'll get to know one of our prominent forces who turns your boating dreams into reality. Join us as we take a chat with Nordkapp's logistics manager, Karoline Westlie.

The term "Jack-of-all-trades..." gets thrown around a lot, inherently with the following negative connotation: "... master of none". But every rule has an exception, and Karoline has proven to be that extraordinary exception at Nordkapp. When not ruling the logistics world with an iron fist, you'll also find her manoeuvring around the Nordkapp HQ in Sarpsborg, Norway, operating a forklift, launching boats at the dock, and testing the boats at sea. While maintaining the focus on quality that fuels her ambitions.


In an ever-evolving boating world, we are thrilled that Karoline has found her place at Nordkapp. And we are happy to see the growing interest in boating among women, both from a recreational– and career standpoint. Nordkapp and Karoline want to encourage more women to seek opportunities and help shape the future of boating.


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