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Centre console boat

Sporty, luxurious, and enticing. When it comes to centre console boats, you can never go wrong with the Enduro 805. This roomy 8-meter vessel welcomes adventures with up to seven members of your friends and family. It is perfect for day trips and as a vessel for your seaside estate or cabin. The spacious walkaround layout provides ample storage and undiluted immersion in nature as you enjoy revitalizing days at sea.

The Enduro 805 is an experience of luxury and remarkable performance.

Every moment is a moment of luxury aboard the Enduro 805.

Sportiness that enhances the centre console boat experience

The Enduro 805 has become one of Nordkapp's most beloved vessels for a reason. It perfectly combines sophisticated handling with stylish looks and sporty performance, which you must experience first-hand to believe. If you are looking for maximum power, you can't go wrong with the 400 hp V10 Mercury engine, or if you feel like rocking akimbo, opt for twin 200 hp Mercury engines instead.

The Nordkapp boats are renowned for their driving capabilities, and to ensure you get the most out of your horsepower at the stern, the Enduro 805 comes equipped with one of the finest hulls Espen Thorup has designed. The sharp V-hull slices through waves as seamlessly as it goes in and out of planing. It provides good grip and balance while cornering and gives you the extra pop you seek when sending friends soaring across the waves on waterskis.

Captivating Nordic design

The Nordic heritage is evident in every detail of the Enduro 805. The design is likened to the architecture of the shoreside city area in Oslo, and you'll find a touch of Scandinavian simplicity throughout the boat, with similar lines as the exterior of Oslo's famous opera house. The sleek lines and minimalistic colour palette integrate with nature, creating a tasteful and distinct silhouette on the waterline. The Enduro 805 has a quiet expression but still never fails to capture people's attention as you cruise by.

A centre console boat with comfort in mind

You went for a short morning cruise; before you know it, the morning turned to day and the day to evening. And you have yet to make plans of heading back to shore. That is the enchantment of the Enduro 805; it's like a subtle whisper telling you to reach the horizon one more time before you head home. And before you know it, you have spent the day visiting island cafés, swimming in untouched waters, and blowing through chapters in your new favourite book.

As expected from an 8-meter centre console boat, the Enduro 805 offers lots of space, and the Nordkapp engineers carefully crafted every inch to provide optimal comfort for long days at sea. The stylish seating options around the boat go beyond aesthetics; every padded cushion and hand-selected material is chosen for your enjoyment. You can spend your days of luxury at the sunbed in the bow, the seats by the helm or the L-shaped couch and the swimming platforms in the aft. And you can drift off in the cosy sleeping cabin whenever you feel like staying the night.

Need an electrical toilet, sink, refrigerator or a Fusion Stereo aboard? The Enduro 805 can be equipped to your needs, making each vessel uniquely different.

We accepted an impossible challenge

The Norwegian snowboard star Helene Olafsen dreamed of a boat that could go from family mode to a refined wake-surf machine with the press of a button. That sounded impossible. So we smiled and got to work re-inventing the Enduro 805.

You can check out the entire web series here.

*Note that the Enduro 805 is not for sale in this configuration.

Experience the Enduro 805

The Enduro 805 is an ideal companion for summer adventures at sea, and whenever you find yourself aboard this vessel, a sense of being in rarefied air is ever-present. Your hunger for excitement gets met by the sporty appearance, backed up by explosive power at the stern and a hull that dares you to perform high-speed manoeuvres. And your desire for tranquil moments at sea is enhanced by the comforts surrounding the vessel. All neatly wrapped up in a package that represents authentic Scandinavian design and build quality.

Contact your local reseller for a chance to experience the Enduro 805 today.

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