The quick escape

Experience freedom in the Nordkapp Enduro 605


By Karoline Westlie, logistics manager at Nordkapp Boats

Take a moment to think about what freedom means to you. For me, it starts about three minutes after I leave the dock. The bags are securely stowed, the busy harbour fades into the background, and the demands of life on land are left behind. This feeling is what I call "the quick escape," the reason I fell in love with boating.

The ability to pause life instantly and clear my head with the fresh sea air is priceless, and the Enduro 605 is exceptional in offering this escape. In this article, I'll explain why.

This six-metre centre console boat is the perfect choice for escaping to tranquil beaches and secluded islands with up to six friends. Like any top-quality getaway driver, the Enduro 605 ensures you arrive quickly and smoothly. It features a sleek, award-winning hull design and sporty Mercury engines ranging from 115 to 175 HP. The impressive stability makes it tempting to keep speeding ahead.

From my countless hours at the helm, piloting the Enduro 605 through picturesque locations for photoshoots and testing in extensive stretches of water, I can attest to its unparalleled performance. Each journey highlights the boat's exceptional handling and efficiency. And the Enduro 605 can get the most out of any engine you mount on the stern.

Even after spending hours at the helm in a single day, the experience remains surreal. Sitting there, looking out over the distinctly widened bow or through the integrated glass panels at my sides, I'm always thrilled by the sleek design of the Enduro 605. One look at this boat, and you instantly know it's crafted for adventure. It draws your attention and holds it effortlessly. The design is sporty and elegant, blending sharp, precise lines with smooth curves that let the gaze flow from bow to stern.

When I think of "the quick escape," spontaneousness and simplicity come to mind. The Enduro 605 is the type of boat that encourages outings at a moment's notice. The compact design, nimble hull, and 360-degree view from the centre console make it perfect for spontaneous solo adventures. 


Equally, it's an excellent companion for family outings. Whether heading for a short cruise from your cabin or island hopping in the archipelago, the Enduro 605 has got you covered. Its ample storage and optimised seating layout ensure you have everything you need for any outing, truly offering the best of both worlds.

Watch last year's quick escape:

Celebrating Scandinavian midsummer in the Enduro 605.

In 2014, the Enduro 605 earned the prestigious European Powerboat of the Year award, a testament to its striking hull and practical bow design. Crafted by Nordkapp's lead designer, Espen Thorup, the bow not only makes a visual impact but also offers a broader entry for easier boarding and disembarking.

Complementing this design, the boat features an aggressive 22-degree V-hull, enhancing its agility and sportiness on the water. True to Nordkapp's design philosophy, the hull boasts a low planing threshold, ensuring a smooth ride, excellent handling at slower speeds, and improved fuel efficiency.

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