Sea to Summit

A Ski adventure through the Arctic

Premiere on November 27, 2023

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Join us on a thrilling expedition in our upcoming movie, "Sea to Summit: A Ski Adventure Through the Arctic." Experience the raw power and serene beauty of the Arctic like never before, as we takes you on a heart-pounding ski adventure across one the most remote and spectacular landscapes on Earth; The Lyngen Alps of Northern Norway. 


Produced by:   Nordkapp Boats

Written by:       Patrik S. Westli

Directed by:     Patrik S. Westli


A special thanks to:

  • Maritim-Center AS
  • XLyngen AS
  • Finn K. Hovem
  • Above Media AS

The Boat


Nordkapp Coupe 905 V12


Mercury Verado V12 600hp


Deep V-hull


About the Coupe 905 V12

The Coupe 905 V12 is one of the most famous boats in the model range from Nordkapp, displaying one of the few Nordic designed boats propulsed by the Mercury V12 engine. The Coupe 905 V12 is a custom built boat, made specifically for the V12-engine, boosting the boats propulsion and giving it its recognized driving characteristics. 

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The cast

Aksel Lund Svindal.

Renowned Norwegian Alpine Skier. Aksel has 4 Olympic medals (2 gold), 9 World Championship medals (5 gold) and 2 overall World Cup titles. Aksel is a famous Norwegian investor, TV-host and is a boating enthusiast and natural thrill seeker.


Helene Olafsen.

Prominent Norwegian Snowboarder. Helene has a gold medal from the Snowboarding World Championships and several medals from both Snowboarding World Championships and Winter X-Games. Helene is a talented wakesurfer, TV-hostess and entrepreneur.


Kajsa Vickhoff Lie

Talented Norwegian Alpine Skier. Kajsa has a bronze medal from the World Championship, in addition to several medals from the Norwegian championships (including 2 gold medals). Kajsa is an adventurer and prominent food enthusiast.

The Scenery




69° 47′ 25.08″ N, 20° 10′ 10.2″ E



Number of guest nights per year

160 000 (2019)


Lyngen and the Lyngen Alps are one of the most renowned areas for randonée skiing and free skiing in Europe. Its countless mountain peaks, almost vertical drops and dives which ends up on the beaches of the LyngenFjord provides perfect conditions for skiing.

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Enjoying boating at its finest

Join Aksel Lund Svindal, Helene Olafsen and Kajsa Vickhoff Lie as they conquer the Lyngen Alps, at 70° North, right there at the banks of the Arctic sea. Setting their goal of reaching Arnøya and the Kløvstein mountain. An arduous trip, through freezing artic waters at -22 degrees gives the team a tremendous challenge. Are they up for the task?


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The operation and rigging of the boat were conducted by professional personnel. The boat depicted in the images and film is outfitted with supplementary equipment not standard with the boat and not approved for commercial distribution.