RIB Boat: A detailed walkthrough of the Nordkapp Airborne 8

Looking for the ultimate blend of luxury and performance on the water? The Nordkapp Airborne 8 offers just that, with features that redefine the RIB experience. This 8-meter RIB boat comfortably hosts up to ten people. It is an exciting and trustworthy companion for adventures with friends or your day-to-day transportation to your island getaway. This vessel is known for superb driving characteristics, elegant features and vigorous power. It hits the spot for those seeking an excellent RIB experience. Check out the video at the top of this article for a full boat walkthrough, or continue reading below.

Performance That Excites

Customers and boating magazines have praised the Airborne 8's sporty and elegant driving characteristics. Thanks to the sharp V-hull and the asymmetric tube design you get a boat that handles high-speed turning more efficiently; the hypalon tubes rest just above the water surface, resulting in less water resistance and more even G-force distribution. This in turn enables the G-forces to work downwards instead of sideways,  pushing you down in your seat. Still, like a traditional RIB, you get to enjoy the extra stability that signifies the RIB experience. When the wind is picking up, this is the vessel of choice for going out to sea.  In short, every day is a day of adventure in the Airborne 8.

Choose Your Power

Are you in the mood for a calmer cruise or a high-speed adventure? With a selection of powerful Mercury engines, you will surely find the right fit. Choose between V6, V8 or V10 engines delivering power from 200hp to 350hp and with comfortable speeds over 50+ knots. The Airborne 8 ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride while providing your desired power.

Watch Mercury Verado 300 V8 Tilt and Startup

Designed with Elegance and Space in Mind

As you board the Airborne 8, you'll first notice its generously wide bow section. This sense of impressive spaciousness flows through the entire vessel thanks to the unique tube design, which allows for more deck space. You can extend the seating in the bow to create a luxurious sun lounger which can accommodate up to three people. The low freeboard and the handy bow step make it easy to head in or out of the boat, and the sunbed at the front, split in the middle with foldable cushions, ensures this process becomes a sand-free experience.

Comfort in all weather conditions

Moving to the helm, the Airborne 8 boasts a tall and wide console, similar to its smaller sibling, the Airborne 7. This feature provides excellent protection from the wind, a blessing on breezy days.  One of the most appreciated features is the easy-to-mount canopy and sprayhood, which shields you and your companion at the helm from bad weather. If you want complete protection, you can deploy the whole canopy, which provides 360-degree coverage. And if you only want protection from sea spray or light rain, you can turn the canopy into a sprayhood, which leaves the aft and side sections open. You'll find these hidden in the storage space of the surprisingly roomy driving console, which provides ample storage for luggage or groceries.

Choose Your Seating Option

You can choose between two seating options by the helm: The traditional Airborne 8 bolster with two comfortable seats and a rear-facing seating area.  This option is perfect for those evening chats with friends and family.

The sportier alternative offers two free-standing seats with heavy-duty shock absorption and a racing-inspired look for optimal comfort in high-speed situations. These seats can also rotate to face the aft seating area, which creates a spacious social zone. This alternative does not include the port canopy in the backrest but comes with the same adjustable seating option. In addition this alternative comes with the practical seat covers, like that of other Nordkapp models.  Here, you can find a full list of available modifications for the Airborne 8.

Cutting-edge tech at the Helm

The Airborne 8 is designed with user-friendliness in mind; you always feel in control and have everything you need conveniently located at your fingertips. At the heart of the console is a state-of-the-art Garmin chartplotter. Depending on your preference, you can opt for either the 9” Garmin 923 or the larger 12" Garmin 1223, which takes the guesswork out of navigation. The console also houses controls for the bow thrusters, the Active trim from Mercury, a set of engine instruments, a compass, and a control panel with all the essential switches. At the helm, you’ll also find a 12-volt outlet, ideally located for charging your phone. For entertainment, you can equip Garmin's Fusion Stereo system, which provides an unmatched audio experience at sea. Below the console, you'll find the main power switches, with room to install two batteries if needed. 

Maximizing deck space and sunbathing opportunities

Passages flow from both sides of the centre console, connecting the bow and the aft deck, which offers ample room for guests. This is a true walkaround vessel. Lots of storage in the centre console and the aft bench help keep the boat tidy and also provide easy access to technical equipment. The clever design of the cushions on both sides of the aft bench flips open to reveal access to the swimming platforms, which is an ideal spot for soaking up the sun or enjoying a swim. There's a swimming ladder on the starboard side and a freshwater refill on the port side, with an option to install a shower - perfect for rinsing off after a swim. Additionally, the boat's port canopy for the aft deck is easy to deploy, covering the cushion set on the aft bench without the need to remove the cushions. So that you can get home quicker after a long day at sea.

The RIB Boat for a Leisurely Lifestyle

The Airborne 8 was designed for an effortless boating experience. For an impressive 8-meter RIB, this vessel feels surprisingly nimble. The robust tubes surrounding the boat bring peace of mind when navigating tight harbours, and people often compliment how easy the mooring process feels in the boat. Another praised benefit of the Airborne 8 is that it can require less maintenance than a traditional RIB. The asymmetric tube design keeps the tubes from touching the water when docked, which prevents unnecessary marine growth, resulting in less maintenance for you and more time to enjoy your boat.

That is the Airborne 8 for you, a dependable, sporty and luxurious RIB boat that enables effortless summer days at sea. If you want an offer on the Airborne 8, please contact us or visit your local dealership.


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