Nordkapp Airborne 6.3 – A compact RIB punching above its weight

Discover the extraordinary Nordkapp Airborne 6.3, a compact RIB that redefines expectations. A contender for the 2024 European Powerboat of the Year Award, this vessel is an experience that blends exhilarating performance with unexpected spaciousness. This fun and fiery machine is perfect for adrenaline-filled adventures at sea and smooth transport to your island getaway. It combines performance and comfort seamlessly and is an ideal RIB for four adults or a family with two kids.

In this breakdown, you will learn what makes this boat a standout in its weight class and how Nordkapp's unique approach to the tube design challenged the norms of the RIB world. Let's start by looking at the category the Airborne 6.3 is competing in and which essential qualities are in focus:

In the category of entry-level boats, the focus is on price-to-quality ratio, security and simple driving characteristics. Another vital aspect for the nominations is how easy the boat is to transport on the road.

Driving characteristics

The Airborne 6.3 is like a shot of Espresso, rich with flavour and lots of vigour in a small package. You will be surprised at how easy the boat is to manoeuvre even in rough seas (and trust us, we have put it to the test in the harsh Nordic climate). Its agility in the water is unmatched, responding instantly to your commands and making every journey not just a ride but an adventure. Every acceleration and every high-speed turn will put a spark in your eye, wishing you never had to set foot on land again. The unique driving characteristics come from the specially designed tubes around the boat, which hover just above the water's edge. This design captivated many when we first introduced the Airborne 6.3, and some were sceptical of the idea. Which— to us, meant that we were pushing the boundaries of boating.

At Nordkapp, we love turning sceptics into believers. That is why we recommended everyone who was interested to come and experience the Airborne 6.3 in action. The result was always the same: An unwavering smile when realising that the tube design allowed you to tilt the boat further inwards into high-speed turns—providing more G-force, which pushed you further into the deck beneath you instead of to the side like a traditional RIB. People experienced less water resistance, and the driving characteristics were similar to a centre console boat while providing the smooth RIB experience we are accustomed to. And since the tubes spend less time in the water, you also get less fouling (organisms growing on your boat), which means less maintenance.

Surprisingly spacious and practical

Step aboard the Airborne 6.3 and be greeted with space that defies expectations. Its clever design maximises every inch, offering ample room for gear while ensuring a comfortable journey for everyone on board. While the iconic tubes of a RIB provide security and comfort, they often occupy much of the boat's interior space. Nordkapp's approach to this problem is to use an asymmetric tube design, which provides all the benefits of the classic RIB while retaining lots of deck space, an essential feature for many who are looking to purchase a smaller boat.

When heading out for your summer adventures, you want to avoid swimming gear, bags and ropes creating a mess on the boat. For an additional sense of ease, you will find an abundance of storage spread across the Airborne 6.3. You will be impressed by the carefully designed stowage space in the mid-consol and the aft seating bench, which offers lots of room and extra security to keep your bags dry on ventures at sea. Every part, from ropes to fenders, has a clever storage solution. Hidden in the aft seating area, you will find open slots where you quickly can stow fenders, and in the bow, you will find an additional storage box for your gear, along with a drainage compartment for your ropes and anchor. This storage area doubles as sturdy steps, making it swift when heading in or out of the vessel.

Luxury meets RIB

The traditional RIB delivers solid driving characteristics— but often lacks elegance. In the Airborne series, performance meets luxury, redefining the RIB experience for more comfortable days at sea. It is ideal for adrenaline-filled moments with friends or a smooth ride to your island escape. The focus on quality is evident in each fibre of the boat, always with the driver and passengers in mind.

Instead of a more traditional seating bench at the driving console, you get two sporty, comfortable seats, perfect for those moments when you want to let the throttle rip. Once you tackle the open sea in the Airborne 6.3, you will find yourself glued to the driver's seat when performing high-speed manoeuvres. With social moments in mind, the seats on the Airborne 6.3 can rotate to face your guests sitting on the aft bench. Adjusting the moveable front seating pillow lets you choose the height you want to sit, and the extra grip on the footrest increases stability when unleashing the full power of the fiery 150 HK Mercury engine.

Every detail, from the hand-selected materials to the meticulously crafted finishes, speaks of luxury, promising not just a journey but an experience in comfort and style. The seating area in the bow transforms into a sun lounger at will, and the aft bench provides good visibility for passengers, ensuring everyone feels included in the fun. When cruising at low speeds or anchored by a cove, the aft bench becomes an excellent place for relaxation. And if rainy weather approaches, you can effortlessly pull out a canopy from the backrest to keep your seats dry.

But when the sun is out, the bathing platforms become the main attraction. The impressive size of the bathing platforms in the aft never ceases to impress, creating a luxurious spot to cool off on warm summer days. When entering the platforms from the boat, you can easily fold the pillow of the aft bench to the side, providing ample space to move around without getting water or dirt on the cushions. On the bathing platforms, you will find additional storage compartments, which act as a step, making the movement seamless between the deck and the bathing area. The foldable swimming ladder makes it a breeze for the whole family to move in and out of the water.

The Airborne 6.3 is more than a boat; it’s the underdog who repeatedly defies expectations, much like a skilled and agile boxer facing off against a larger, seemingly more powerful opponent. And despite being smaller and less imposing, it outmanoeuvres and outperforms with speed, precision, and surprising power. That's the essence of the Airborne 6.3 – a compact RIB that consistently delivers more than the eye would suggest, Proving that size isn't the only measure of strength and capability.


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