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Discover romance aboard the Noblesse 720

While we enjoy the cool winter months, we long for the warm summer moments. In today's article, we bring you back to summer, where days are brighter and romantic outings at sea are just a gentle breeze away.

You wake up in the archipelago of southern Norway. It is early morning, and you feel fully rested from a good night's sleep. It is the first week of summer vacation. So you won't be disturbed by any notifications from work today. The holiday house is quiet. On this particular day, only you and your loved one are getting ready for a romantic day at sea. Hints of aromas from coffee and toast fill the bedroom, and breakfast lays ready at the table as you enter the kitchen. Soon after, you grab the pre-packed bags in the hallway and head out in the morning sun towards the shore. Upon arrival, you find the Noblesse 720, a 7-meter daycruiser awaiting your company. The plan for the day is to visit a nearby island for lunch and later spend the night aboard the boat, making this the ideal vessel for the adventure ahead.

The 250 HK Mercury engine purrs to life, and a few moments later, you find yourself looking out at the infinite horizon as the harbour grows smaller in the distance. The wide and deep V-hull easily carves through the water, providing an elegant ride. The conditions are ideal for a day at sea, and the warm sun turns the refreshing noon air into a comforting breeze as it passes above the cockpit window. A few hours are spent exploring the archipelago, and now and then, you start pushing the throttle forward, looking at your partner with a challenging smile. With a slight laugh and a nod of approval, you unleash maximum power. Time stops for a moment as shapes start to blur, and the sound of the hull carving through the surface fills the air, along with the dignified roar of the engine. It is a moment of bliss every time.

The course is set towards a seaside café on a nearby island for an early lunch. The Garmin screen makes navigation a breeze, and upon arriving, the bow thrusters make docking a smooth operation. The café is a wooden house painted red with a white trim. It is a popular spot but quiet today- a welcome surprise as you can choose any table on the terrace, perched up over the stone cliffs with a stunning view of the archipelago. The waiter brings your drinks of choice, and the chef prepares a light meal with fresh catches from the sea. You enjoy the meal without hurry. The distant hums of engines and the rhythmic metallic clinking from a nearby flagpole fill the salty air as your post-meal coffee arrives at the table. Boats are passing by further out at sea. But you are focused on the Noblesse 720 resting by the guest harbour below; the sharp, sporty lines of the hull accentuated by the black, white and orange finish hold your gaze. The stainless steel details glint in the sun along with the silver-printed Mercury text on the engine- painting a cohesive picture to enjoy.

The afternoon follows leisurely; it is the perfect time to find an anchorage and enjoy the sun together. Your only concern is whether to transform the aft seating area into a comfy sunbed or not. On a warm day like this, going for a swim in the inviting waters feels irresistible. Afterwards, you dry off on the padded swimming platforms, feeling refreshed with a cool drink from the fridge, knowing you can seek shade any time by heading into the sleeping cabin or deploying the boat's canopy.

Dinner has stayed nice and cool in the fridge during the day; an assortment of cheese, dry-aged hams, and a bottle of red wine are on the menu for a romantic dinner aboard the Noblesse 720. The roomy and comfortable couch of the aft seating area and the sturdy table become the scene for the evening feast. Effortless conversations flow until the food on the table is gone, and after a few hours, you enjoy the sunset together in silence. Fiery colours of orange and red paint the sky and gently fade into deep purples and blues as the sun dips below the horizon. The faint splashes of the calm evening sea lapping against the boat's hull create a relaxed ambience, inviting you to a restful sleep in the cosy cabin, where you end your romantic day at sea together.

The boating season is here before we know it. Now is a great time to contact us if you have questions about your favourite Nordkapp boats. We'll ensure you find a suitable vessel for your special summer moments.


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