From The Inner Oslofjord And Beyond

A Noblesse 830 Customer Story

For Pål Sigurd Anthonsen and his partner, Ingunn Cecilie Jensen, life is best lived on the waves. Their perfect match for seafaring adventures is the Nordkapp Noblesse 830, an 8-meter daycruiser that seamlessly complements their lifestyle.

The call of the sea started at an early age for the Norwegian couple. Ingunn's childhood was steeped in sailing, while Pål navigated his first boat, an 8-foot Pioner, by age eight. Their passion for boating, particularly motorboats, has grown over the years. "We both thrive at sea; in fact, we need to be at sea during the summer to feel at our best," Pål reflects.

"The Noblesse 830 caters to all our needs—from short solo trips for sunbathing and swimming to dining on the water, social outings with friends, or embarking on overnight adventures. It's incredibly versatile," Pål says.

Living just 20 minutes outside Oslo in Bærum, the couple often launches from the inner Oslofjord. This region's idyllic scenery, dotted with seaside restaurants and accessible harbours like Aker Brygge, Vollen, Drøbak, and Son, makes it a prime starting point for their spontaneous outings.


Their cabin in Hurum is a hub for broader explorations during the summer months. Their voyages have already taken them to stunning locations like Hvaler, Koster, Strømstad, Tønsberg, and Kragerø—some destinations over 100 kilometres away. This year, they are eager to push the boundaries further aboard their Noblesse 830.

Having spent countless days at sea, Pål and Ingunn are well-acquainted with their Noblesse 830's robust capabilities. "It handles the sea exceptionally well, shielding us from the elements and managing significant waves smoothly. Additionally, we equipped our Noblesse 830 with automatic trim tabs that further enhance its stability," Pål notes.


He also details other upgrades: "We installed thrusters at both the front and back of the boat, which makes manoeuvring in confined spaces, like harbours, remarkably easy. I was particularly impressed by how much the stern thruster improved handling. With it, the boat can effortlessly rotate on its axis using joysticks."

"Our choice of manufacturer was driven by two key factors: the excellent design and functionality of the boats and the vibrant community surrounding the brand. Becoming a Nordkapp owner deepened my appreciation for this community. It's like being part of a big family where owners, dealers, and the manufacturer support each other, share insights, and gather at events," Pål says.


The Noblesse 830 is the third Nordkapp vessel owned by Pål and Ingunn. Their journey with Nordkapp began with the Enduro 605, a centre console boat that suited their initial needs. As their desires evolved, they upgraded to the more family-friendly and social daycruiser Noblesse 660, which was almost perfect, except they needed more room. The Noblesse 830 launch came at the right time, providing the additional space and improved social areas they sought. As for now, the couple are not planning on acquiring another Nordkapp any time soon.

The Noblesse 830 enriches their evening gatherings with friends and supports their extended explorations. For Pål and Ingunn, a life at sea is synonymous with joy. They cherish every moment aboard their beloved vessel from April to October.


As seasoned boaters, Pål and Ingunn encourage those dreaming of a similar lifestyle to take the plunge. "Start your journey," they advise. "Select a boat that fits your budget and needs, but most importantly, get started."

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