Exploring Hidden Gems along the Dalmatian Coast: A Boater's Guide to Croatia's Untouched Havens

The Adriatic Sea offers a treasure trove of secluded spots and magnificent experiences. While Croatia has become increasingly popular as a boating destination, the country still harbours a plethora of lesser-known wonders. In this article, we'll venture away from the crowded bays and bustling marinas to explore some of the Adriatic's hidden gems along the rich Dalmatian coast.

A mix of natural beauty and serene solitude sets boating apart in Croatia. This is a land of crystal-clear seas, stunning bays that seem untouched by human influence, and natural wonders that continue to defy expectations. The variety and density of islands and reefs provide you with a wide array of experiences available at your fingertips.


Six gems you should visit by boat in Croatia

This list is created in collaboration with our reseller in Split to ensure you get the local insights needed for an authentic trip along the Dalmatian coast. These gems are accessible from Split and Hvar by any boat. Still, we recommend choosing a Daycruiser or a Coupe for a next-level experience.


South side of the island of Šolta (around 9 NM from Split)

We start by checking out the southern side of the island of Šolta. Known for its rugged coastline, hidden coves, and pristine waters, Šolta offers an idyllic setting for boaters. The southern part of the island is less frequented than the north, offering a tranquil getaway for those in search of peace and quiet. Here, you can find secluded spots to anchor and enjoy a private swim in the translucent waters, and the untouched natural scenery provides an ideal scene for a romantic sunset.

Ruda Beach on Vis Island (Around 24 NM from Split)

Ruda Beach is an underrated gem that offers pristine sunbathing opportunities. The calm bay provides shelter from the wind, and the crystal clear water and white pebble beaches make this an idyllic location for a morning swim. Watching the steady movements of sea life through the refraction of the water is a treat, and the stunning surrounding landscape makes Ruda Beach an ideal place to re-energize.

Croatia’s stunning landscape. Photo by Sergii Gulenok on Unsplash

Badija Island (Around 40-50 NM from Split)

You can't go wrong by visiting Badija Island, located near Korčula, which is famous for its Franciscan monastery and abundant deer that roam freely. Its turquoise waters and pebble beaches make for an excellent day trip destination. Those arriving by boat will find it easy to anchor and go ashore to explore the lush pine forests and historic architecture. Badija also offers excellent hiking opportunities. The island exudes tranquillity, and its natural beauty makes it a perfect spot for a quiet getaway. While in the area, you must also try the local delicacy Zrnovski Makaruni, a traditional pasta dish from the island of Korčula.

Stiniva Beach on Vis Island (Around 24 NM from Split)

This secluded beach is surrounded by towering cliffs, giving it an almost otherworldly atmosphere. The beach is accessible only by boat or a strenuous hike. The narrow sea entrance dramatically opens up to a sandy beach, providing a sanctuary where boaters can drop anchor and take in the astonishing surroundings. 

Local tip!:

Avoid the busy hours. Stiniva Beach is stunning, making it one of the region's most popular tourist destinations. The beach is small, and during peak hours, it gets crowded, so get here early.

Kakan Island (Around 40-60 NM from Split)

Kakan Island is one of Croatia's lesser-known gems, offering an idyllic escape from the crowded tourist hotspots. While gazing at the beautiful island from the boat's sundeck is stunning, the limestone cliffs mixed with the lush greenery also create an ideal stage for exploration. After snorkelling in the inviting waters, head onto the island, check out the untouched beach, or venture to the island's olive groves while awaiting the glowing sunset. Kakan Island is for you who want to immerse yourself in an authentic Croatian nature experience.

Lastovo Island (Around 55-70 NM from Split)

Lastovo consists of 46 different islands, which are renowned for their rich biodiversity and starlit skies. Along the coast, you will find numerous secluded bays and coves where you can anchor safely and enjoy the untamed natural beauty. You will find excellent hiking trails to explore the 46 different wine yards and churches here. And if you come here in January, you can experience the Poklad carnival of Lestovo. 

But the real magic on these islands happens at night when you are met by breathtaking celestial skies. As one of the darkest places in Europe, thanks to minimal light pollution, you get an unspoiled vantage point to capture the cosmos at night. Making this a go-to spot in Europe for astrophotography enthusiasts.

Find quiet luxury along the Dalmatian coast

Boating in Croatia offers more than just a typical seaside vacation. It's a pilgrimage to hidden gems that have maintained their purity in isolation. In a world that's constantly on fast-forward, these tranquil spots remind us that true luxury is in the simple, unhurried moments of beauty and peace. All of which awaits you along Croatia's rich Dalmatian Coast.

We encourage you to visit our local reseller in Split if you want the authentic Nordkapp experience while exploring the Adriatic Sea.