The social Noblesse 660 by Nordkapp

Picture this: an undisturbed horizon ahead, your loved one nestled by your side, and the gentle whisper of the sea beneath as you steer the Noblesse 660 into a day filled with promise and serenity. The sharp V-shaped hull cuts through the waves like a samurai's sword, providing the control you seek, never to second-guess manoeuvring a harbour to check out a seaside café for a mid-day espresso. And when you push the throttle, the boat responds instantly, pushing you back against the carefully crafted backrest of the captain's chair, greeting onlookers with a look at the hull dancing above the water's edge and an unwavering smile on your face. That is the Noblesse 660 in a nutshell: forever practical and precise – and relentlessly fun when called upon.

The Noblesse 660 is made for chill moments in the sun.

In the Noblesse 660, each space is thoughtfully conceived, crafting a roomy cockpit that moulds itself to your moments. A welcoming couch subtly shifts into a cosy sun lounger, inviting spontaneous relaxation and casual conversations under the open sky. It’s a place where design and functionality meet, ensuring that every square inch provides the perfect setting for making memories, sharing stories, and simply being together in the quiet of the drifting waters.


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Many aspects of the Noblesse 660 stand out in the realm of daycruiser boats, but what surprises most people is the effortless driving characteristics - while navigating narrow harbours and on the open waters. Confidence fuels you as you take your seat at the helm, knowing that the world is at your fingertips thanks to the intuitive control panel. 

The low and shielded cockpit provides stability as you glide across the waves, each turn a gentle whisper and each acceleration a controlled rage. The wind caresses rather than intrudes, granting a sense of comfort and stability that only enhances the joy of shared adventures. Within its cocoon, every chuckle is heard, every word is felt, and every moment becomes a treasure trove of shared memories.

Upon stepping inside, you are greeted by a surprising sense of space that defies the boat's sleek exterior. The meticulous design hides ample storage under the seats and a dedicated stowaway for ropes and fenders, ensuring a clutter-free environment which provides ease of mind. The cosy sleeping cabin is a sanctuary for relaxation. Inviting you to unwind, unburdened by the world left behind, enjoying a moment of peace.


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With the Noblesse 660, it’s in the details where the luxury unveils itself. Every stitch in the seats, every texture, and every carefully chosen piece of fabric speaks of a meticulous dedication to quality and elegance. Enjoy the convenience of roomy bathing platforms, relish the luxury of a refrigerator on those warm summer days, and the convenience of a toilet and sink aboard. Every subtle detail added for a seamless, indulgent experience on the water.

In the tranquil embrace of the Noblesse 660, every journey on the water creates an opportunity for new cherished memories. It is the perfect choice if you are entering the world of daycruisers or want a nimble vessel that delivers a "big boat" experience.

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