Nordkapp Enduro 805 - a popular combination of a centre console boat and a daycruiser

Enduro 805 has been one of the signal products from the Norway based boat producer Nordkapp. With its over 8 meter in length and 2,5 meter in width, it is widely recognized as a boat with a lot of space, seaworthyness and high comfort. In this article we have taken a closer look at these details, making the Enduro 805 one of the most popular models among the larger centre consoles on the market.


It all started with the Enduro 760, and a somewhat different idea

In 2012, the Enduro 760 which in many ways represented a new generation of centre consoles was launched from the Norwegian producer Nordkapp Boats in Norway. All the way up to this point the company´s centre console boats had been represented by the Enduro 590 and the Enduro 600, but the Enduro 760 really paved way for a completely different concept. The new model had a cabin, swimming platforms and new canopy solutions at the same time. This made the Enduro 760 to one of the largest and most equipped centre consoles on the market. Many people quickly noticed some of the signal design items on this boat, like the large sunbed in the bow with its neck rest. Espen Thorup, the designer of the Nordkapp boats, had a high focus on the social zones of the boat when the Enduro 760 was drawn: "My goal was to design and develop a boat with room for a larger amount of passengers than previous models, and change the centre console from a transportation boat to a boat suited for day trips or weekend trips. The Enduro 760 suddently enabled longer day trips, supplied by the option of spending the night in the cabin of the boat, a cabin which was nothing short of many daycruiser cabins"; says Thorup.

Among many of the popular details in the Enduro 760 was the sunbed in the bow, a high and functional seating position for the driver and passenger, a large L-shaped sofa, and accessible pantry. In the cabin you could also order the boat with a toilet, and the cabin could be used by 2-3 persons. The boat was also used by many as a weekend cruiser, due to its canopy option for the aft deck, making it completely closed and suitable for overnight trips.

The Enduro 760 was produced from 2012 to the Enduro 805 released it in 2017.



The Enduro 805 is born - Nordkapp develops its "centre console with cabin" concept further

When the Enduro 805 was launched prior to the 2017 boating season, a selection of the most popular details from its predecessor Enduro 760. In addition, the cabin was slightly modified, with new windows increasing the amount of light into the cabin. The bow section and hull had the modern design of Nordkapp and a high free board gave a highly secure and family friendly boat.


The details in the Enduro 805 are many, and in the following video you can get a guided tour of the boat (in Norwegian):


The cabin - a popular place for the kids and a nice place to stay over

One of the most popular places for the kids in the Enduro 805 is the cabin. The boat is by many used as a day trip boat to small islands in the archipelago and as the summer air is cooling during the evening, the Enduro 805 provide the possibiility of seeking shelter down below. The cabin is equipped with comfortable matresses, a sink (which can be equipped with cold, fresh water) and a toilet (either as a porta potti or an electrical toilet. There is also good space for stoving away luggage. The cabin is also equipped with LED lights, and is a great place to stay over.


The social zones - and zones for recreation

The Enduro 805 has several social zones, and here are some of our real favorites:


The bow sunbed

The sunbed in the bow section of the Enduro 805 is one of the most recognized design items of the boat. The sunbed has two neck rests, making it very comfortable to sit there, even when at sea. A perfect spot to relax, read a book or just enjoying the view from the bow.


The L-shaped sofa - with space for the whole family

The L-shaped sofa on the Enduro 805 provides a great place to enjoy the warm summer days. The sofa can be lifted to access the stoving space in the aft bench and the dining table is shaped perfectly to the shape of the sofa itself, enabling more people to dine here. The table has also a sunbed function and is part of the full aft deck sunbed then mounted in its low position. The sunbed on the aft deck has room for to adults and a lot of space for the kids. You can also find two additional seats right behind the drivers position (if you do not order your Enduro 805 with a pantry). The pantry, when ordered, can be found in this very same location, straight behind the drivers seat and passenger seat. 


The swimming platforms - a place for relaxing and a popular place for taking a swim

The swimming platforms on the Enduro 805 makes the boat fit well for day trips to small islands in the archipelago or to anchor and take a swim. The swimming ladder makes re-entry to the boat easy, something which of course is important when the kids are using this area for going for a swim. The swimming platforms are also equipped with to hatches for stowing away ropes and anchors. An accessory which has been very popular on the Enduro 805 is its anchor winch, which can be controlled from the drivers control panel or from the remote control.


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