Lowered cockpit floor provides better protection, low center of gravity and sporty design

Along with its smaller sister Noblesse 660, the Noblesse 720 was the original boats with the current Nordkapp design language. The Noblesse 720 was also the first boat from Nordkapp with a lowered door to provide better protection for driver and passengers, a lower center of gravity and to maintain a sporty design profile. "When I designed the Noblesse 720, it was important for us to create a daycruiser that improved the comfort of everyone on board. By lowering the cockpit floor, we found the key to keeping the low and sporty design, while improving the the practical functonalities of the boat. The height beneath the canopy when fitted also increased and thus made it more spacious", says Thorup.

Practical and smart solutions

Noblesse 720 has several novel functionalities. "I recognized the need to give the users of this boat more accessible space, as well as making it easier to use. An example of this is the integrated storage spaces for the fenders behind the back cushions U-sofa".

"Another detail we worked on for a long time was the sunbed in the bow. We combined the sunbed with the ventilation hatch to the cabin, which meant that you get the opportunity for good ventilation at the same time you use the hatch as a backrest for the sunbed", Thorup points out.

The swimming platforms were part of a new design line for Nordkapp. Thorup describes these as a new social zone of the boat as well; "These fully integrated platforms work both as increased buoyancy while creating a larger area for swimming and spending time in the sun. The design of the platforms was an important detail, which also increases the potential usage of the aft deck. I added comfortable cushions and voila, you have two great sunbeds where you can easily take advantage of lazy days in the sun". Thorup continues: The Noblesse 720 was designed to be a social boat, with a large U-shaped sofa and these swimming platforms. Here we chose to combine the U-shaped sofa with a large sunbed cushion, which gives you a real king-size sunbed in the cockpit. You can also spend the night here, but primarily the idea was that there should be plenty of space for the whole family. I think we succeed in that"*.

*(Parts of the equipment may be optional equipment, editor's note)

Thorup reveals that the cabin of the Noblesse 720 was given great focus during the design period and engineering. "There are an increasing amount of requirements for a high comfort level in the cabin of a 7-metre daycruiser. These boats should work well as weekend cruisers, subsequently setting requirements as comfortable cushions, space for storage, practical access to the toilet, and not least the feeling of air and space around you. As previously mentioned, we designed the ventilation hatch of the cabin in connection with the sunbed on the bow and has given the cabin two large windows as well. It is a nice feeling to be able to lie down in the cabin and have reference points outside the boat through the large windows, as well as letting daylight into the cabin"; says Thorup.

Family oriented driving experience

The Noblesse 720 has been given credit for its smooth ride. The proven design of the hull has been an important feature for Espen Thorup; "We wanted to create a boat that would be very efficient at cruising speed, and provide a smooth ride. The boat turns smoothly and precise, and the  high freeboard makes people onboard the Noblesse 720 feel safe. And thats what the Noblesse 720 is all about; it is a family boat with safe driving characteristics, at the same time as it feels sporty to drive. Thus, it´s here to delight both driver and passengers", concludes Thorup.