Custom Projects: Enduro 805 Watersports Edition

When former professional snowboarder, Helene Olafsen, asked us the question if it would be possible to create a unique combination of a practical boat for daily use and a custom wake surf boat, she quickly got our attention. This was a challenge we were happy to take on. We based our ideas on the Enduro 805 hull, a walkaround boat with plenty of practical features and we believed that its potential for doing watersports would be great.

The idea of bringing together two different worlds in one boat was born during the summer of 2021, where we had an interesting discussion on how to combine this. Helene is living an active life, both on land as well as at sea, and thus a boat meeting both the requirements of the family as well as providing a base for doing watersports was a great wish from her. The key question became “how to combine the best features from the two worlds?”.


The boat that quickly came into mind was the Enduro 805. The E805 is a walkaround concept, with lots of space at its aft deck, as well as a cabin and large bow deck space. Its walkaround features creates sufficient space for moving around and at the same time give space for stoving away water sports equipment. Its drawback as a wake surf boat is its V-hull, but at the same time this V-hull is giving it its high-performance driving characteristics. And for the day-to-day use we really wanted to keep this. Thus, one of our main milestones in this project quickly became obvious: how to give the V-hull of the E805 the wavemaking features of less steep wake surf hulls.

In cooperation with Garmin (of which we owe a massive thank you for achieving this project), we also started working on putting together the hardware and software needed for controlling this boat, giving it its wavemaking features as well as ensuring that the driver has all the tools needed to stay in control of the boat and the people doing watersports behind the boat.

Together with Mercury we also put together the propulsion system for powering this kind of boat, combining the power needed for watersports with the comfort level needed on a boat for day-to-day use.

During the next 6-8 weeks we will continuously update this site with updates from the projects, new movies on the boat, as well as technical specifications and equipment installed. Our continuous improvement work will also be documented, so stay tuned. Please make sure to also follow us on Facebook/Instagram and our YouTube account where we will publish a lot of interesting news on this boat and project. On Facebook and Instagram, feel free to also follow Helene Olafsen as she will publish a lot of more content on the use of the boat going forward.


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