The boat with space for everything. The Noblesse 790 is the flagship of our series of day cruisers. The spacious cockpit, generous aft deck and fantastic sea characteristics makes this worth trying out. Add to this the massive swim platform, and this is a setting you quickly will start to enjoy. The 790 is also a practical boat with a high number of storage areas, and inside the cabin closets for clothing, towels and other items. The cabin also contains an electrical toilet* and a large bed with space for two adults and 1–2 children. When you add the space on the aft deck for sleeping, you quickly realize that this is a boat for longer trips at sea and a fully equipped holiday boat.
811 CM
250 CM
Net weight
Boat height
190 CM
Fuel capacity
255 L
Water tank
40 L
Septic tank
40 L
Max engine
400 HP
Stem length
Extra long
Max persons
CE category